Learning the Lingo: Golf Slang

Many sports have its own vocabulary and golf is no exception. Learning golfing terminology can be like learning a foreign language at times.

Here at Golf-Drives, we have put together an A-Z list of our favourite and the most commonly used golfing terms and slang:


“A” Game:A golfer’s best game which is executed on a regular basis.
Ace:Hitting the ball into the hole in one swing of the club.
Afraid of The Dark:When the putted ball refuses to fall into the hole.
Airmail:A golf shot which travels a considerably longer distance than planned.
Albatross (aka Double Eagle):This means a score of three strokes under Par, which as you can imagine is very rare.
All square:Tied score in match play.
Army Golf:Like a marching rhythm: Left-right-left, in the game of golf it means hitting the ball out of bounds to the left then to the right the next time.


Backhander:When you hit the ball casually with the back-side of the putter to “Hole” a very short putt.
Banana Ball:The ball travels in a ”banana-shaped” curve. A very sharp fade shot known as a “slice”.
Barkies:Hitting the golf ball at trees and obtaining a good score despite it.
Beach:Term used for a sand bunker.
Birdie:A score of one less than par.
Bite:If a ball has lots of backspin it is said to “bite” because it stays close to where it landed or may spin back toward the player. If a ball appears to be going past the hole a player may shout “pray” or a more humorous way can be to shout, “grow teeth!”.
Bogey:A score of one over par.
Bracket:To be prepared for a different situation where you need to hit a certain shot you will need to take additional clubs – one higher and one lower known as a Bracket.
Buzzard (aka Double Bogey):A score of two over par.


Cabbage (aka Spinach):If you hit the ball into inescapable thick rough.
Can:Refers to the “Cup” on the Green.
Carpet:Term which refers to the “Green”.
Casual water:A build-up of water on the golf course after heavy rain that is not part of a water hazard. The player can move the ball without penalty.
Cat Box:A sand bunker
Chicken Stick:If faced with a difficult shot, a golfer will choose a play-it-safe club that is within his capabilities to properly complete the shot.
Chili Dip (aka Fat/Chunk shot):Hitting the ground behind the ball before impact with the ball.
Chipping:Short shot usually made from just off the green.
Cuban:Putting action where the ball stops short of dropping into the cup.
Cup:The hole on the green – 4.5-inch diameter, 4-inch-deep.


Dance floor:Refers to the green.
Dawn patrol:Golfers who play at sunrise.
Dew Sweepers:Reference to players in a Professional Tournament who have the earliest Tee times (when the dew is still on the course), in the third or fourth round of the tournament.
Dog Track (aka Goat track):When a golf course is in poor condition.
Dribbler (aka Fat Shot):When a shot that only goes forward a few feet.
Duck Hook (aka Snap Hook):A ball that curves right to left on a low trajectory and off target.
Duffer (aka Hacker):An “inexperienced” or mediocre golfer.
Deep:A hole/flagstick that is located on the back of the green.
Divot:The small chunk of turf that is dislodged when a club head strikes the ground as a player hits the ball.
Drained:Slang term for having sunk a putt.
Draw:A golf shot (for a right-handed golfer) where the ball slowly moves right to left.
Drive:The first shot taken at the teeing ground at each hole.
Driver:The longest club with the biggest head, used for tee shots as it’s designed to hit the ball the farthest.
Duff:A bad shot.


Eagle:A score of two under par.
Executive course:A golf course that is shorter and has a lower par than regular golf courses suitable for beginner golfers and juniors.


Fade (aka Cut Shot):A golf shot (right handed golfer) in which the ball gradually moves left to right.
Fairway:The centre, short-mown portion of a golf hole in between the teeing ground and the green.
First tee:Where a round of golf play begins.
Flyer:Hit from the rough, a ball which goes a lot further than envisioned.
Fly the green:A shot that goes over the green.
Fore:Shouted when the ball is heading towards someone.
Forward tees:The teeing ground located closest to the green.
Flop shot:A golf shot which is hit quite high and short, which upon contact with the Green, rolls very little and stops. The ball is “Flopped” onto the putting surface.
Flub:A terrible shot which causes a loss in scoring.
Foot Wedge:Where the golfer uses his “foot” to push the ball into a better position.
Four-jack:On any given Green taking four putts to get the ball in the hole.
Fried Egg (aka Plugged):Where only the top half of the ball is visible when buried in a Sandtrap.
Frog Hair:Closely mown grass surrounding the Green.


Gimme:A shot so close that only a short putt is needed, and the other players agree can count automatically without being played.
Get up:An expression shouted at a ball that looks like it’s going to land short of the target.
Grounding:Setting the heel of the golf club on the ground.


Handicap:A numerical representation of a golfer’s playing ability.
Honours:The right to tee off first based on having the best score on the last hole or being furthest away from the hole.
Hook:When a right-handed player strikes the ball such that it curves sharply from right to left.
Hot:A shot that goes faster than intended.
Hacker:An “inexperienced” or mediocre golfer.
Hand Wedge:Where the golfer uses his “hand” to nudge the ball into a better lie.


Iffy lie:A ball that is in an unfortunate lie and dubious whether the ball can be struck well for a good golf shot.
In the Leather:A putted ball close enough to the hole to be accepted by the other players.


Juicy lie:Offers a nice clean hit. A juicy lie indicates the ball is sitting on top of grass as if it is mounted on a short Tee.
Jungle:A ball hit into the deepest and rough area on the golf course.


Kick:A golfer who asks for a good kick is hoping for the ball to bounce in a good position.
Knee-knocker:A nervous reaction when a golfer has a short putt (3 to 4 feet) remaining for the next Putt.


Lay up:When trying to reach the Green could be a risky shot and it is a lot safer to hit a drive or fairway shot short of the Green.
Lip out:You have “lipped out” when your ball hits the lip but doesn’t go in the hole.
Loop:Refers to one 18-Hole circuit around the Golf Course.
Lumberjack:When a golfer hits a ball into a wooded area numerous times during a round and continues to hit the trees trying to get out of the woods.
Lie:While in play the Lie is the position/location of the golf ball.
Loft:The degree/angle of the face of the club.


Mickey Mouse course:Refers to a course with many short holes and bad maintenance.
Mulligan:Referring to a second shot from the Tee, after a bad first shot.
Match play:A golf format where the goal is to win individual holes rather than tallying the total of all the strokes.
Modified scramble (aka Shamble/ Texas Scramble):Tournament format where golfers select the best shot off the tee, move all balls to that spot, and play individual stroke play for the rest of the hole.


Nineteenth (19th) hole:The Clubhouse Bar.
Nip it:A Clean hit which tends to lessen the amount of backspin.
Nuked:When you gain a greater distance than your average or typical distance.


Out of Bounds (OB):The area of the course is often marked by white stakes which should be avoided where play is not allowed.


Pin (aka The Stick):The flagstick on the green standing inside the cup.
Playing through:When a group of golfers pass by another group of slower playing golfers.
Provisional ball:A second ball that is played if the first ball is or may be lost or out of bounds.
Putting:The golf stroke used to roll the ball on the green.


Quick:Rushing your swing or trying to hit too hard.


Rainmaker:A golf shot with a very high trajectory.
Ready golf:To speed up or maintain the pace of play players will hit when ready.
Rough:The long grass bordering the fairway.


Scratch:A golfer with Zero handicap.
Snowman:Reference to scoring an 8 on a hole.
Skull:A stroke made above the equator of the ball which is mis-hit, resulting in a line-drive trajectory.
Sticks:The plural “sticks” means golf clubs not to be confused with flagstick.
Stroke play:A golf format in which the objective is to finish the game using the fewest total shots.


Tap in:A short, easy to make Putt.
Tester:Tends to test a golfer. It is where a Putt is too far away for a “Gimmie”, but short enough a good putting golfer can hole it.
The Tips (aka Championship Tees/Back Tees):The farthest teeing ground from the green, usually defined by blue, black or gold tee markers.
Thin (aka Skinny):A shot strike near the centre of the ball, characteristically causing a low flight.
The turn:The halfway point in a round of golf.


Up and down:Only taking two strokes to get the golf ball into the hole when your ball is resting around the green.
U-turn:A Putt that rolls almost all the way around the edge of the “Cup” before actually coming out and around without falling in.


Valleys:Relatively flat areas with sharp undulations between mounds on a green.
Victory lap:The circle a Putt makes around the rim of the Cup before going in.
Velcro:Is the speed of the Putting Green on a golf course.


Worm burner:A golf shot (not a putt) in which the ball never gets but a few feet off the ground.
Watery Grave:A final resting place for your “Miss-Hit” shot over a water hazard.
Whiff:A poor golf swing with a complete miss of the ball.


Yips:Due to nervousness and lack of a smooth putting stroke, Yips is the inability to make short putts.
Yank:When a Putt is pulled sharply to the left.


Zone:You’re said to be “in the zone” if you are playing well.

The Best 40 Golf Blogs You’ll Find Online in 2018!

Do you like to be kept up to date with the latest news and golf opinions? Then why not get a different perspective from the usual golfing media and read the best golf blogs out there. Aside from booking Golf holidays find out about the best courses, equipment and even clothing from people who have experienced it first-hand.

If you don’t know where to start don’t worry because we have made a list of the top golf blogs for you to check out!

How are they ranked?
In order to make our ranking fair, we took into account 4 factors:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Social Media Presence
  • Domain Rating
  • Similarweb rank

For each factor we gave each blog points, with the top blog getting 1 point, the 2nd blog getting 2 points etc. With each factor worth 25%, we added up the total number of points, with the lower the number of points the higher the ranking.

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So what are the Top 40 Best Golf Blogs? Let’s find out!

The Best 40 Golf Blogs

1. Wei Under Par

Wei Under Par

Stephanie Wei is a well-known name in the golf industry, as a golf broadcaster, writer and blogger, she is known for her unique outlook and reporting style from the PGA Tour and LPGA tournaments. Stephanie is a keen golfer and was nationally ranked in the top 100 as a junior golfer.

Website: weiunderpar.com

2. Irish Golf Desk

Irish Golf Desk

If you’re looking to keep up-to-date with anything and everything related to Irish golf, then Irish Golf Desk is the place for you. More a news website, rather than a blog, but we felt it deserved its place in this list! The content is written and edited by Brian Keogh, who’s also a regular contributor to many top publications.

Website: irishgolfdesk.com

3. Hooked on Golf Blog

Hooked on Golf

Hooked on Golf Blog (HOG) is without a doubt one of the most popular golf blogs around at the moment. It’s easy to understand why when you read their content. If you’re looking to keep in the loop with everything from equipment reviews and travel to tournament news, then you should be a regular reader of HOG!

Website: hookedongolf.com

4. Golf Stinks

Golf Stinks

We love Golf Stinks! It’s a golf blog that we can really relate to. It’s good to read a blog from the perspective of someone in the same shoes as the regular golfer. Golf Stinks doesn’t take itself too seriously. It offers a place to appreciate golf, without the constant pressure to improve your game, as they say, ‘taking the frustration out of golf’.

Website: golfstinks.com

5. Golf Blogger

Golf Blogger

With posts covering the latest news, equipment, travel, betting, players, courses and everything else across the industry, GolfBlogger.co.uk is a one-stop-shop for everything golf. This golf blog is written by people who love golf, for people who love golf. A must-read for any golf enthusiast.

Website: golfblogger.co.uk

6. Golf & Course

Golf & Course

If you’re looking for a website which brings you the best online golf news, blogs and photography then Golf & Course is the site for you. Golf & Course offers brilliant tips and advice, with some added humour for our entertainment, which we love! Find brilliant posts on everything from swing tips to golf app reviews.

Website: golfandcourse.com

7. Hitting it Solid

Hitting it Solid

Troy Vayanos helps golfers with all abilities achieve their golf goals and increase their confidence on the course by showing them how to get the best out of their game. Troy has over 25 years of golfing experience to pass on. He knows exactly what it takes to go from a high 40+ handicap to lower single figures.

Website: hittingitsolid.com

 8. The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap began from humble origins on a few golf-nuts friends wanting to share their passion and have a place of their own to talk about golf and share their opinions. Launching in mid-2004, TST has grown to become one of the top golf blogs around, offering news, swing tips, opinions and a whole lot of commentary.

Website: thesandtrap.com


9. The Armchair Golf Blog

Armchair Golf Blog

The Armchair Golf Blog launched back in 2005 as nothing but an experiment by Neil Sagebiel. Since then, the blog has gone from strength to strength and it is now one of the top golf blogs on the internet. Neil’s endeavours have led him to meet golf legends such as Jack Fleck, Errie Ball, Tommy Bolt and many more.

Website: armchairblog.blogspot.com

10. Golf is Mental Blog

Golf is Mental Blog

Josh is a keen golfer who is currently a 4-handicap, with the eventual goal of becoming a scratch golfer. He started Golf is Mental blog as a way of sharing his thoughts and experiences and connect with like-minded golf lovers. He believes golf isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle and we agree!

Website: golfismentalblog.com

11. GolfDash Blog

Golf Dash

GolfDash Blog is great if you’re looking to get the very best out of your game or even your life in general with cutting-edge performance ideas. The blog was launched way back in 2006 by John Diekmann and Doug Farrick and since then it has gone from strength to strength to become one of the top golf blogs around.


12. Golf Ball Guy

Golf Ball Guy

Kevin Smith is the man behind Golf Ball Guy. This one-time professional golf club fitter/maker now describes himself as a weekend golfer and family man from Southeast Texas. Kevin is an expert when it comes to signature golf balls and golf ball memorabilia & he considers himself a know it all in the ways of the high handicap golfer.

Website: golfballguy.com

13. GorillaGolfBlog

Gorilla Golf Blog

GorillaGolfBlog offers a unique and fun environment for passionate and would-be golfers. Tommy Priest is from Switzerland. He Launched GorillaGolfBlog back in 2010 and uses the blog to communicate with fellow passionate golfers from everywhere around the world. He encourages compelling conversation between golfers and non-golfers to create a wider interest.

Website: gorillagolfblog.com

14. The Grateful Golfer

The Grateful Golfer

Back in 2012, Jim Burton launched The Grateful Golfer. You might be wondering where the name comes from, well there is a story behind that. Jim is a cancer survivor after being diagnosed in 2009. He now uses the blog to talk about the positive aspects of golf and interact with like-minded golfers and have constructive exchanges about all things golf.

Website: thegratefulgolfer.com


15. Hitting the Green

Hitting the Green

Rob AKA GolfGuyRob is a true golf enthusiast and he is also a golf tutor. He has over 40 fantastic, but frustrating years playing the beautiful game of golf. He shares his passion through his blog – and this really comes through in his writing – with golfers around the world! He’s also been mentioned in several top golf publications.

Website: hittingthegreen.com

16. Eddie Pepperell

Eddie Pepperell

Eddie Pepperell is 22 from England and currently Golfing on the European Tour. He aims to inspire young people and pass on his knowledge through his blog as well as to be able to keep all his thoughts and experiences stored.

Website: eddiepepperell.wordpress.com

17. Scottish Golf Travel

Scottish Golf Travel

Blogger Ru McDonald was awarded Golf Tourism Scotland Young Person of the Year in 2013 for work across the industry. Using his initiative, to grow his personal brand he provides informative content to budding golf travellers. Ru created The Scottish Golf Podcast in 2014 and was joined by Graylyn Loomis whose detailed Scottish golf course reviews always prove popular.

Website: scottishgolfpodcast.com

18. How to Break 80

How to Break 80

Although Jack Moorehouse, is not a golf professional himself, he has worked to help thousands of golfers worldwide to lower their handicaps quickly. As an author of “How to Break 80 and Shoot like the Pros”, he provides useful tips, strategies and techniques to thousands of golfers.

Website: howtobreak80.com/blog

19. Golf for Beginners

Golf for Beginners

Stacy Solomon, from New York, is a Yankees fan but started to learn Golf in 2000. As an avid golfer, she began her Golf for Beginners blog in 2004, as a way for her to write down and remember all her lessons and golf tips. She has since written hundreds of articles and blogs which have been reprinted on thousands of websites including Worldgolf.com.

Website: golf-for-beginners.blogspot.com

20. Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

Author of ‘999 Updated Questions on the Rules of Golf 2012-2015’ Barry Rhodes, resident in Dublin, is an enthusiastic, high handicap golfer. He developed a fascination with the Rules of Golf in 2000 after his participation in the inter-club Rules of Golf quiz competitions, organised by the Royal & Ancient for Golf Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland. This then led to him writing articles and creating his blog in 2008.

Website: barryrhodes.com

22. The Golf Travel Guru

The Golf Travel Guru

Ed refers to himself as a Guru after nearly three decades visiting golf resorts and destinations and writing about them. He started playing golf from a young age at Mohawk Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has since played in golf havens such as Scotland, Ireland, Kenya, Morocco and China. The Golf Travel Guru Blog is his way of giving back and sharing the knowledge he has gained about golf travel over the past 30 years.

Website: thegolftravelguru.com

23. Golf in Romania

Golf in Romania

Golf in Romania is closely related to the Royal Family. The first woman to play golf in Romania was Queen Maria. Golf in Romania started from the idea of having all the details about the golf game, about the lands, competitions, teachers, equipment and impressions about them in one place.

Website: golfinromania.com

24. Birdieable


Rob West, golfer from England blogs for players and fans of all levels. He owes his passion of golf to his golfing father who introduced him to the game 40 years ago. Birdieable came about after he was unable to find a site which offered something else outside of instructional and equipment sales. He takes great pride in writing about not just golf equipment but the best golf courses, news, features and the funniest golf videos on the web.

Website: birdieable.com

25. The Irish Golf Blog

The Irish Golf Blog

Kevin Markham is a Golf Writer and photographer from Wexford, Ireland. He is a published author having written ‘Hooked’, the most comprehensive guide to Ireland’s golf courses, and ‘Driving the Green’. He has 35 years’ experience playing Golf and is a featured writer for Irish Golfer Magazine, a freelancer for Irish Examiner and Editor for Destination Golf Ireland.

Website: theirishgolfblog.com

26. Playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World

Top 100 Golf Courses

The blog focuses on the top 100 golf courses in the world. It covers golf course critique, travelogue and social commentary in equal parts. This blog offers opinions about each course as well as information about the club’s atmosphere and traditions.

Website: top100golf.blogspot.com

27. Travelling Golfer

Travelling Golfer

Covering a range of topics from the best golf resorts to golf training aids and equipment, Mike Sigers has created an informative blog for all golfers.

Website: travellinggolfer.com

28. Golfgal


As an avid golfer, Golfgal took up the sport 10 years ago for both business and pleasure. When she is not playing golf, she is writing about it and has now turned golf into her business. Working as a daily blogger for Golf for Women magazine in 2008 she has also been a senior writer for Inside Golf Magazine and Golf Today Northwest.

Website: golfgal-blog.com

29. Three Guys Golf

Three Guys Golf

Three Guys Golf is a golf blog founded by Adam Staelin, Matt Murley and Wade Baynham. It has regular contributing writers who all seek to provide a unique perspective for fellow golfers. They write long-form prose on a variety of topics including product reviews, golf instructional posts and videos.

Website: threeguysgolfblog.com

30. 4 Deep Golf Blog

4 Deep Golf Blog

If you’re looking for honest yet fair analysis, predictions about the Tour with lots of information you’ve never been exposed to then this blog is for you. Owned by Joel Harrington 4 Deep Golf Blog is not yet another golf website. It is a source for PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour picks, previews, analysis, honest criticism, news, opinions, as well as golf course and equipment reviews.

Website: 4deepgolfblog.com

31. The Golfer Babe

The Golfer Babe

Amy is an amateur golfer and marketer by profession – the Golfer Babe is her persona that brings it all together. Around three years ago, she had her very first golf lesson and she admitted it wasn’t the best. She is now consistently in the low to mid-80s. Her blog is a little bit of everything she loves.

Website: thegolferbabe.com

32. The Golf Blog

The Golf Blog

The Golf Blog is a top blog for all things golf. Posting since 2004 the blog covers everything you need to know about golf and current golf news.

Website: thegolfblog.com

33. Front9Back Golf Blog

Font9Back Blog

Ryan lives in San Antonio with his wife and is the Chief Golf Blogger at Front9Back Golf Blog. In November 2009 he started his golf blog and has grown into something he is quite proud of. He has a passion for the game of golf. He loves playing golf and talking about it. He has an 11.2 USGA handicap and puts himself in the “average” category.

Website: front9back9.com

34. UK Golf Guy

UK Golf Guy

UK Golf Guy is designed to help people plan golf trips at some of the greatest courses in Europe and beyond. It’s one person’s subjective opinions but aims to inspire. As a Scottish based keen golfer, the UK Golf Guy is a 14 handicapper. Having agonised over which courses to include on a golf trip and fantasised about playing all over the world it was time to start writing about it.

Website: ukgolfguy.com

35. Golf Girl’s Diary

Golf Girl's Diary

Patricia Hannigan’s The Golf Girl lives in Danbury, CT. Her blog the Golf Girl’s Diary was one of the first independent golf blogs edited by a woman. She regularly writes about golf lifestyle, travel publications and has appeared on Inside Edition and Good Morning America. She is the go-to voice for a female’s perspective on gender issues in golf.

Website: thegolfgirl.blogspot.com

36. My Daily Slice of Golf…the Blog

My Daily Slice of Golf

From golf book reviews to personal golfing experiences this blog has something for all golfers. Aiming to get golfers talking and providing conversation starters.

Website: mydailyslice.com/

37. Golfhacker


Golfhacker, are proud to say they have worked with the best in the golf business. Initially, they produced articles for GolfPunk however they have also been involved in events such as the Solheim Cup, Ricoh Women’s British Open and the British Par 3 Championship and several golf shows including the American Golf Show in Manchester. Their aim is to provide golf extensive content for those who love the game and the help young writers. It is fair to say Golfhacker is part of a wider golfing community and they want to help everyone involved in golf.

Website: golfhacker.org

38. Phuket Golf

Phuket Golf

Phuketgolf.net is one of Phuket’s most established golf agents and provide discounted golf packages for all of Phuket’s stunning golf courses. Started in 2006 the company sells golf packages and have taken care of thousands of golfers, these include individual golfers to large international golfing groups. Their blog provides extensive content about ways to book a golf holiday through PhuketGolf.net.

Website: phuketgolf.net/blog

39. One Bearded Golfer blog

One Bearded Golfer

One Bearded Golfer is an avid golfer, living in Lexington, Kentucky. He started his blog to document his golfing adventures. Although he has multiple interests golf remains his passion. He enjoys the challenge as well as the exercise. He has been inspired to document his achievements and to document Kentucky’s golf courses.

Website: onebeardedgolfer.com

40. Socalgolfblog.com


This blog is written from the golf perspective of about a 10-handicap and is an appreciation of Southern California golf. Socalgolfblog.com contains published work, blog work and companion pieces about golf and travel in California, as well as information about life in Southern California.

Website: socalgolfblog.com