The Most Expensive vs. The Cheapest Golfing Destinations in the World, 2018!

We’ve taken a look at 40 golf destinations across Europe to find out which destinations will leave you quids in and which will leave you with holes in your pockets.

We’ve taken into account the bargain and priciest destinations for a round of golf, high and low-cost accommodation, meals which are as cheap as chips and ones which cost an arm and a leg, low-cost pints to drink away and end up with change to spare and pricey pints, as well as transport costs, all to help you make an informed decision when you’ve decided where to go on your next golf holiday in Europe this year!

Nice takes the top spot as the most expensive golf destination in Europe, where costs total £264.98. Whereas Varna has been crowned the cheapest destination, with a total spend of £127.74, which would be even less if you’re not playing golf every day!

Will your next holiday to Vilamoura be pricey? Are prices fair in Malaga? Take a look at the infographic below to find out where your favourite destination ranks.

Golf-Drives infographic (1)

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